King Morbos Lavai

Lord of Aramoch


“What we exiled was a tyrant. What returned was madness incarnate.” -Jala, Archmage of Gom

King morbos The self-proclaimed King of Aramoch, Morbos Lavai is the undead former Archmage of Gom. Considered by many to be the most learned and powerful Archmage in Gom’s history, Morbos Lavai threatened to dismantle the Circle of Twelve and to appoint himself as the singular ruler of all of Gom. Fearful of losing their power and their lives, the Circle conspired against Morbos. They tried him for “reckless experimentaion,” removing him from the Circle, and exiling him from Gom.

Cast from his land, stripped of his power and his devoted followers, Morbos Lavai wondered the world for years. What became of him during his exile, none now can tell. Wherever he was, whatever he was doing, he bode his time, waiting to claim vengeance on those who had unseated him from power. All record of Morbos vanished until he reemerged in the Battle of Blue Fire, in which he and a handful of mechanical monstrosities razed an entire village in Gom to ash. The few survivors quickly spread the word of a terrifyingly powerful mage carrying the battle standard of Lavai, commanding fell metallic beasts. Soon the worst was confirmed: Morbos had reemerged, more powerful than ever.

Gom’s shadowdance spies soon learned that Morbos had reined the power of Aramoch, the Blighted Realm. Not only had he tapped a well of sorcery that none had ever witnessed, he had also managed to gain some sort of control over the corrupt sentinels and golems (called the Hollows) that plague the border lands. Gom readied its defenses, but many of its mages (including many of Morbos’ former followers) fled Gom in droves to serve Lavai. Those that Morbos allowed to live became his most trusted lieutenants, the Chosen.

Yet as the hostilities raged on, the corrupting influence of Aramoch began to seep into King Morbos’ minions, and finally into the resilient mind of Morbos himself. As the corruption spreads, the denizens of Aramoch rot and fester, turning to undeath even as their bodies take on the mechanization so common in Arageth, the Underrealm. As Morbos and his legions descend into madness, they seek only to end life, to convert the living and the clean into the hideous abominations of Aramoch. The border lands have now become crucial junctures for all of the nations of Soulforge, which struggle desperately to contain the horrors unleashed by King Morbos Lavai.

When a shelf of the Soulforge the size of a country slid into the Underrealm, many feared it was the work of Kalphazor, the Imprisoned himself. Some now hold a greater fear: that Kalphazor now walks again, reincarnated in Morbos.

King Morbos himself is better preserved and less corrupted by the machinery of the Aramoch, but it is perfectly clear that the madness of the Poisoned Realm has begun to seize him more and more. Morbos stands at a daunting 6’6", and his long red hair and robes shift incessantly, as though moved by an unseen, unknowable force. His eyes blaze with a radiant blue light that is at once both monstrously intelligent and completely devoid of life. Morbos delights in the pain of others, and he keeps several small constructs with him at all times to destroy and to resurrect cyclically. He often talks to these constructs, which some believe even contain essences of the fell King. Morbos’ personality alternates between suave sophistication and murderous mania, fathomless wisdom and pure madness.

King Morbos Lavai

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