The World of Soulforge

“Even as a young girl, I felt the wisdom of old age. Memories breached my conscious mind, sliding effortlessly into my dreams bit by bit, until I became aware of another person, like a sister dwelling in my soul. Now, as a woman, I realize the truth that I couldn’t understand before: this other and I are one.” -Jala, Archmage of Gom

You are a child of Soulforge. At a very young age, so young that you will not be able to remember when, you are greeted by a presence in your mind. As you grow, this presence becomes more and more real, memories that don’t belong to you playing in your dreams. For most, this presence is not frightening. Rather, it is like a long-known friend. Little by little, the dream-memories become clearer, more vivid, until you are aware of an entire other life contained within your mind, hauntingly familiar. Then one day you wake up and see the truth. These memories are a past life, your past life.

This is the world of Soulforge. Every sentient creature on this small plane is a reincarnation of a being from elsewhere in the multiverse. Scholars have found some interesting patterns in these past lives. Many of these past lives consist of mighty deeds. Indeed, many of the beings of Soulforge were demigods, exarchs, or kings in previous lives. Others were notorious villains or thieves, though these are less likely to admit to their past life. This has led to the widespread belief that Soulforge is some kind of afterlife, a reward for a life of meaning and consequence. There seems to be no pattern of where these past lives were led, rather, beings seem to hale from every corner of the multiverse.

The past life of a being will have an enormous impact on that being’s current life. Perhaps that past life will define him, and he will vow to uphold the values of his past. Perhaps he will view life in Soulforge as some sort of punishment, distancing himself from his past deeds. Perhaps this is a chance at redemption, to live a life untarnished by former actions.

Soulforge is a place of mystery, a cosmological oddity, an afterlife that none had ever heard of. Some devote their whole lives to trying to uncover the truth of what Soulforge is. Now it is your turn.

The Underrealm

The World of Soulforge

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