The Nations of Soulforge

“One life has ended, yet strife and struggle remain. We cannot let go of what we once knew.” -Imsh, Prophet of the Falling Sea

The nations of Soulforge exist in a tangled web of relations. One of the results of the reincarnation of so many potent souls is that the world has been largely polarized. Certainly there are “average” citizens, farmers, merchants, bankers, government officials and the like. But even these ordinary people recall the glory of their previous lives, and have the potential to unlock that former power. Mighty Tor calls out to all who wish to prove their physical might. Ursu’Rem offers keys to unlock the secrets of the mind. The mystic forces of Gom speak to those with a spark of the arcane. The nations of Soulforge act as magnets, attracting those who have the strength and will to seek their destiny.

Old rivalries between powerful souls are rekindled, sometimes escalating to all-out war. With so many former heroes and villains jammed into the world, hostility is often a state of being, though there are those who yearn for peace. Prepare to explore a world of extremes, a crucible of the multiverse’s most powerful warriors, wizards, and scribes.

Zabas Moath

The Nations of Soulforge

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