The Heretics' War

“What do the Heretics desire? They will only be pleased when Soulforge is rent asunder.” -Delen, Historian Elect of Ursu’Rem

A new threat is rising. Deserters of Tor attack an envoy to Kels. Sorcerers meet in secret at nightfall, whispering the unthinkable. Bands of Amechan Retrievers turn their ancient relics against the one true god of Soulforge. In all nations, civil unrest threatens. Anarchy brews, searing and ready to boil over.

Responsible for this turmoil is a loose organization flung across the entirety of Soulforge. The Order of the Rose has labeled this organization, the Heretics, hence the name of the ongoing conflict, the Heretics’ War. What precisely the Heretics seek is known only to those who have been inducted into that brotherhood. However, it seems perfectly clear, at the very least, that the Heretics aim to disrupt Aeon and the Order’s rule over Soulforge.

Many fear that the Heretics are worshippers of Kalphazor, the Imprisoned, seeking to loose the beast on the world once more. Aeon’s servants certainly believe so, and thus they have declared a holy war against all Heretics, or even those who associate with them. Others, however, are less certain about the Heretics’ true intentions. These speculations are made in whispers, lest the Order discover sympathies toward the blasphemous cult.

Heretics can be found anywhere, from the highest seats of power such as the Circle of Twelve, to the smallest outlying village. They meet in secret, usually during the darkest watches of the night.

The Heretics' War

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