Arageth, the Underrealm

“Whoever these beings were, their mighty works could not save them. I shudder to think what still might slumber in those depths.” -Imalesh Fireheart

Few civilized beings venture into the chasms that stretch even beneath the Underdark. These twisting vents open onto a series of ruins that stretch beyond sight, buried deep below the earth. The ruins are vast, seemingly unending superstructures marching on forever. The towers are vast, connected with sky bridges that seem to defy gravity. Glass and crystalline orbs still hover above broken streets, and some of them even flicker with light. Black water still pours from intricate aqueduct systems. Metal carriages, rusting, broken husks, line the streets. These are clear remnants of some ancient culture, but nothing of the people themselves remains. This place is called Arageth, which means “Buried Realm” or “Dead Realm.”

Adventurers of Soulforge often make expeditions to Arageth, for there are many strange and wondrous treasures for those brave and patient enough to search. Banks of glass screens, glowing with alien runes fill enormous rooms, humming without end. There are metal boxes that distort the very flow of time. Portals exist that create a perfect copy of any living thing that passes through it. Artifacts of unknowable creation and terrifying power wait below in the infinite levels of the Underrealm. The journey through the Underdark itself can be risky, but Arageth is a danger for even the most experienced party. These unending cityscapes can easily become an inescapable labyrinth, and more than a few brazen heroes have starved to death desperately searching for a way to the surface. The vaults that hold the secrets of this fallen world are often guarded by long-dormant mechanisms and warforged sentinels.

Historians also have an interest in this place. Many scholars agree that the deepest secrets of Soulforge, the very nature of the plane, lie in the dead cities of Arageth. And while most nations speak of the Underrealm in fear, one nation depends upon it for life. The nation of Amecha is actually a collection of merchant-scavenger clans that recover and repair artifacts from the Underrealm.

Arageth, the Underrealm

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