Deprived of a childhood, deprived of memory


The ever-changing face of Sin is constantly marred by the past that marks her existence. This changeling rogue found herself alone in the darkness below Soulforge when her parents suddenly vanished without trace. She remembers them well, but what she cannot recall is what they were doing. Her life had been one of wealth and privilege, and her parents were constantly on the move, attending to some business that was beyond her as a child.

Now Sin faces the daily struggle to survive, and as one would expect from a changeling, she has adapted quickly to adversity. She works now as an entertainer, using sleight of hand and dagger tricks to amaze young and old alike—at least that’s her day job. By night she is a rogue, who will do whatever it takes to survive, and whatever it takes to uncover what became of her family.

Hopefully she has found a clue. She, with three other heroes, has been charged with the protection of two small children, who, like her, have been deprived of their parents and have no knowledge of what has become of the them.


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