A dream of a half-remembered life


Even for a citizen of Soulforge, Meiade’s memories are complicated. Her recollections of her previous life are fractured and distorted, perhaps because she was reincarnated not as a corporeal being, but as a revenant. Even more curious is how this is even possible, given that the old gods have never been known to touch this world.

To escape the fragmented memories of her last existence, Meiade has put her exceptional skill to work as an elite bounty hunter, hired often by nobles, thegns, and dignitaries, using her connection to the spiritual realm to serve her in her tasks.

On the day of Elsbane’s hanging, Meiade found herself on task in the city of the execution, tracking demon dealers on behalf of the Order of the Rose. Unwittingly, she saved the warlock Reimus from a trap that had been set for him. Together, they made their way to the Aegis, where adventure would soon find them.


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