"At last, my creation lives!"


Perhaps Soulforge’s only cyborg gypsy, Hammett is a being of many parts, and many pasts. Constructed by an Amechan tinker using various mechanical and organic remnants, Hammett is a hodgepodge of grafted tissue, rusting gears, coiled actuators, and the vestiges of living souls.

When he made himself free of his master, Hammett suffered not only the rejection of others, but also the encroaching memories of scores of past lives, a cacophony of visions of which he could make little sense. Tortured by these little-understood revelations, Hammett fled, and has continued to flee for most of his life. He picks up jobs where he can find them, most recently aboard the smuggler ship, the Aegis. There, with three other chosen, he was swept into the sea on an adventure of the utmost importance.


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